Penguin viewing platform
Little Penguins returning to their burrows
Penguins crossing
Maru Koala Animal Park

Phillip Island Penguins & Maru Koala & Animal Park

Phillip Island is home to an astounding array of wildlife, including Australia’s largest fur seal colony, the Little Penguins and cuddly koalas. Only 90 minutes from Melbourne, the island features spectacular coastal scenery, charming heritage and an abundance of wildlife. Enjoy getting close to koalas and kangaroos before joining the Little Penguins at dusk as they emerge from the surf and waddle to their burrows. Each night at sunset the world’s smallest penguins come ashore after a day’s fishing at sea and it is truly a memorable natural wildlife experience. The elevated boardwalks and viewing stands allow you to enjoy all the action without disturbing them or their burrow homes. The Phillip Island Nature Park also offers four up-close ways to witness the Penguin spectacle.


Includes Entry to Maru Koala & Animal Park and the Penguin Parade


  • En route visit Maru Koala & Animal Park where you will be able to get in touch with wildlife
  • Pat a koala, hand feed an albino kangaroo, walk with the dingoes, talk to the parrots and even meet a gold possum – it’s all possible!
  • Journey along the coastal highway with French Island and Churchill Island in the distance
  • Cross the bridge at San Remo to reach Phillip Island
  • Phillip Island is a natural habitat for koalas, fur seals, Short-tailed Shearwater, Little Penguins and more
  • View the powerful southern coastline with its clean, sandy beaches and rocky shores
  • Browse through the educational Phillip Island Visitor Information Centre
  • Learn about the Little Penguins and life on this stunning island
  • Take your place in special viewing stands to watch the daily evening ritual
  • Watch the Little Penguins as they battle the surf and make their way to their dune burrows
  • Learn of the environmental and conservation methods that are initiated to ensure the remarkable wildlife and vulnerable geology of Phillip Island remain protected
  • See the Little Penguins up-close as they return to their nests to greet their young families

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